söndag 30 juli 2017


Love daisies... 
Here is one more inspiration for the Moodaversay.... Thank you Jenn and Dee Dee.

Made from scraps on my table, small pieces of lace, string and some watercolor make a match.
I am really happy with this tag, it makes me happy.

See you Katja

lördag 29 juli 2017

Today is awesome

This lovely Moodaversary is fantastic beacause it gives me so much inspiration. Dee Dee and Jenn giving so much inspiration and all the work on the Moodaversary. Love it.
This is my take on the fourth picture on the last row.

See you


fredag 28 juli 2017

See possibility everywhere

Here I have worked at lot on the texture. I have made a rusty look, its more shining and little bit glossy.  I was inspired of the moodboard at the -Moodaversary. This is a piece for week two.

The pics on the moodboard thas inspire me, was the picture in with rust and teal and also the door.

See You!

A tiny Horse

I really enjoy to alter. Here is a tiny horse. Have painted it with some patina colors and touch of metal.

Metal embellishment, gears, chippies and some old lace for decorations of the horse.

See You Katja

torsdag 27 juli 2017

Believe in daydreams

I will go along with the moodaversary...
Watercolor paper and som texture.

I tried to catch the  last picture on the last row. The colors and feeling. And instead of flowers some small butterflies.
I feel really free creating up some scraps and these cards, and I am also feeliing ecited to see where I will end up with my small projects.

See you!!


onsdag 26 juli 2017

Tag makover

I am working with some unfinished projects and I challenge myself at the same time  Dee Dees and Jenns Moodaversy. Perfect moodboard and challenge for me.

This was a tag from the start and I didnt like the size- so I fold it and also sewed on it so some kinfd of pocket. So inspiration from the raspeberrys on the moodboard.

Used stencils, stamping and also some doodling. This piece was a challenge for me. Not what I am used to do. 

see you

tisdag 25 juli 2017

Love this Life-Moodaversary

I have tried to create outside my comfortzone- And this is a try to the lovely moodboard and the challenge that Jenn and Dee Dee is having. I have get the inspiration from the lovely moodboards colors. Also the circles on the moodboard inspire me.

Different layers and stencils. Also some sewing....

See you

måndag 24 juli 2017


Jenn Engle &  Dee Dee Catron is having MOODAVERSARY. And these lovley and talanted ladies is so inspiring and will give us videos and inspiraton.

There is also a lovely moodboard to get inspiration from. See the lovely colors...

So many things to get inspired of.

This will be a challenge for myself also. I will try to use up some scraps and to not use so much embellishments. 

And believe that is a challenge beacause I love metallic, chippies and flower. So I will try to use color and more stamping. Huh... we will se how it will go.

My first piece will be pages in my artjournal. And I was get inspiration from the blue shade of color on the moodboard.

I will be back tomorrow.

lördag 22 juli 2017

Mixed Media Canvas-using chipboard and wax-video tutorial

What do you do with your leftovers from chipboards? I have used them on my canvas. 

I have also used stencils, beads and lot of fun.

Many layers to give it some dimension.

In my you can see how I make some own wax.

All the mixedmedia products I use you can find at 13arts.

So check out my video.

xoxo Katja

onsdag 19 juli 2017

More clean card

Time to show you a more clean card. I made this card some months ago on a event, Fristadsträffen.

Some fabric, a frame, some diecuts, chipboards to make the card.

Also some, mist, beads and embossingpowder.

see you!

tisdag 18 juli 2017

Card with feathers

Have made a card where feathers is the theme.... In the background you see new stencil from 13arts.

Chipboard and colors are also from 13arts. Have used some chalkpaint in the background.

This feather is cut out from the collection His & Hers.

See you!

söndag 16 juli 2017

More Foamiran Flowers

Have made some more foamiran flowers. And have used them on a pink card.

Diecut, chipboard, modelingpaste and some glitter for extra effect!

Have also made one tag.

xoxo Katja

lördag 15 juli 2017

Making your own background...

Have you seen the challenge at 13arts blog? Create your own background. 
I am so in love in that, to create from a white cardstock and to do your own pattern.
 This is my take on the challenge. I have make a pattern on a notebook. Love the stencil and some mist to make a new shape on it.

I have also made some stiches with the sewingmachine.

So join the challenge at 13arts.

xoxo Katja

fredag 14 juli 2017

Love love

Here you can see a wooden heart...
I won a prize at the mixedmedia party- and here you see my take on my heart.
Stencil in the background and lot of goodies from 13arts.
Pearls and beads for structure and texture.

I love my new mould- the face with some threads make a fun effect.

And I really love to sprinkle glitter!

see you! Katja