lördag 27 maj 2017

A small notebook

I have altered a small notebook. Some crackle, Arttisan Powder and waxes.

Also to give structure I have used a stencil.

See You!

onsdag 24 maj 2017


A small canvas with cracklepaint in the backround. Chippies from 2craftychipboard.

 Some flowers and mist.

see you

Large size of a tag

Made a tag- and its from Ranger and it is a bigger size.

xoxo Katja

tisdag 23 maj 2017

Quick Mixed Media Card.

Sometimes a mixedmedia card go fast and quick.
Like this one... Used a vintage pic from 7dots studio.

Some staming with Carabelle Studios Stamp. Magicals from Lindys. And on the top Gloss medium and some microbeads.

See you around.


måndag 22 maj 2017

Ett enkelt Tack!

Förra veckan så visade jag er en gammal olivburk hur den hade fått lite nytt liv med hjälp av decoupage. Craft Consortium har ett härligt utbud av decopagepapper. Mitt lilla tips är att du ska använda upp dina spillbitar till kort. Här har jag använt mig av Mod Podge Matte, ett decoupage klister som är matt till ytan,  för att fästa decoupage pappret. Min kortstomme är i Bazzills kraft.
Kort med decoupage

Den turkosa cardstocken, i Peacock är en kontrast och ett blickfång mot allt det bruna. Den glittriga metall berlocken, Vintage Trinket från Prima gör även den ett blickfång på det enkla kortet. 

Med detta Tackkort tackar jag för min tid här inne på Hobbyworld. Tre år har gått i rasande fart.  Nu väntar nya erfarenheter och utmaningar.

Stort Tack till er alla!  Kanske ses vi någon annanstans?


söndag 21 maj 2017


Happy is the title of this layout with my daughter. The title is from 2 crafty chipboard.

 Molds, diecuts, stencil with modelingpaste. I have cut out some butterflies from Tatteted Angel Paper.
The colors are mist from Tattered Angel.

see you!

fredag 19 maj 2017

Make your own decorations with paperclay and moulds- cardmaking-VIDEO

Have made a card with paperclay decorations in focus.
I have made my card on plain white cardstock.

Check out how I did this card in my video.

Some talking in the beginning of the video, and I hope I am exused for my badly speaked english.


torsdag 18 maj 2017

Vintage molds on ATC

More molds... One mold on each ATC Card.
The molds are from Martha Stewart and Prima Marketing.

  Made them rustic and with vintage feeling.

xoxo Katja

onsdag 17 maj 2017

More molds...

One more card where I have used bakerymolds. I have painted with watercolors on the background.
 Butterflies on the top, with some golden wax.

see you

tisdag 16 maj 2017

Use Molds on Cards

Here is card that have a spring and summer feeling. Have modelingpaste in the background and over that I have some acrylic paint with water.
Decorations are made with paperclay, and modelingpaste.

Some microbeads and glitter to make some eyecatch.

xoxo Katja

måndag 15 maj 2017

Layer of papers

Made some ATC cards for a private swap. Layers of papers- papers are from 7dots paper.

  Layers of distressed paper and also a butterfly and some glitter and pearls.

xoxo Katja

fredag 12 maj 2017

Patina card- made with Artisan Powder and Art Alchemy Waxes-video tutorial

I have promised to show you how I have made the patina effect with Artisan Powder and Art Alchemy waxes.
I have made a processing video on a card. You can use the same technique on other projects.

 From clean white to a effect with patina and vintage feeling.
 Have used different molds also some sisal and  I have made a bow from a string.

  Have used Artisan Powder and also Art Alchemy Waxes. Two Lovley products. So check out the video.

 Here you can see the video

see you!

onsdag 10 maj 2017

Altered in patina vintage....

I have altered a can and flowerpot.
design with Prima
  I found the can on a fleemarket and I needed to have it.
Prima can
 Some molds from Prima Marketing, and also the stencil in the background is from Prima.
Mixed Media with Prima Marketing

It have a matching flowerpot...
Use wax
  I have used Finnabair waxes and also Frank Garcias Artisan Powder. It think they match perfect.
Art Alcemy waxes
 So on saturday it will come a video, that shows how to do, and how I use these lovely products from Prima.
Artisan Powder with Frank Garcia

Patina Effect with Finnabair
 Here you can see how I have put/glued paperclay on the can, and I have stamped on the clay to get the pattern.
White gold wax
 It gets a lovely patina and vintage effect.

Mixed Media with Finnabair

Finnabair waxes

So come back on friday!
xoxo Katja