fredag 8 december 2017

Christmas Ornaments

Have been making somer Christmas Ornaments from moulds and paperclay.

Have been trying out different teqnicues while I was creating. This one have sparks and little bit of wax.

This one is more sparkling and I gave it some glitter from Finnabair.

Here I have one with wax and the other one in different color and glitter.
 For glitter deco I have used a broken earing.

The next one I have keept white.

  The other side have a heart. The big shapes comes fron Iron Orchid Design.

So fun to create these.
See you around.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Love your idea of using the IOD moulds to make these pretty ornaments.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity.
    Hugs Monica

  2. wow! awsome :) thanx fo this inspirations :) Lovely idea <3 I'll try to do something like yours today, regards