onsdag 10 maj 2017

Altered in patina vintage....

I have altered a can and flowerpot.
design with Prima
  I found the can on a fleemarket and I needed to have it.
Prima can
 Some molds from Prima Marketing, and also the stencil in the background is from Prima.
Mixed Media with Prima Marketing

It have a matching flowerpot...
Use wax
  I have used Finnabair waxes and also Frank Garcias Artisan Powder. It think they match perfect.
Art Alcemy waxes
 So on saturday it will come a video, that shows how to do, and how I use these lovely products from Prima.
Artisan Powder with Frank Garcia

Patina Effect with Finnabair
 Here you can see how I have put/glued paperclay on the can, and I have stamped on the clay to get the pattern.
White gold wax
 It gets a lovely patina and vintage effect.

Mixed Media with Finnabair

Finnabair waxes

So come back on friday!
xoxo Katja

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