torsdag 13 mars 2014

Hide and seek Card Challenge

Im in for round 4 in Supreme Scrap Tournament in the card challenge.

To be used:
- Make hidden elements on the card: minimum of two
- The hidden part of the elements should not be visible at first sight! It needs opening before we can see the hidden inside.
- Size of the elements is free
- Type of the elements is free
- One element has to be on the top of the card, the other(s) can be on to of the card or the inside. Your choice.
- Think of elements that needs to be moved or turned in order to read the title or quote of the card. Like a hidden note under a flap, a wheel that can be turned, popup etc.
- It is ok if a pulling mechanism is visible. Such as a piece of paper, a fiber or ribbon, a brad used for turning a wheel.

Not to be used:
All kinds of ink (including spray ink and misting ink) 
No paint of any sort 
No stamps 
No gesso
No chalk 

Here is my round card. I have used paper from Piondesign.

Pull out the tag on the card and you can read a message.

I have use the sewingmachine.

You can turn underneath the card and you see one more circle.

Finally one more.

Thanks for stopping bye. Katja

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vilket underbart vackert och romantiskt kort! Lycka till! :)

  2. Ett vackert kort i mysig färg.
    Fina dekorationer och vikning :)
    Ha det gott//Lisa