måndag 14 november 2016

My Craft Room

Time to show you my craftroom. Its not so big space 11 kvm. But  its my space. I have two workareas. This space is for my Bigshot and sewingmachine.

When you stand in the door it looks like this,

I warderobe without doors its perfect for paper and "theme papers".

Pax from Ikea is perfect for storage- the first section I have som sewing supplies.

And in the other end its more scrap and mixedmedia.

My scraptable.

My wall with mists near my craftplace.

Some decoration and things what I need when I create.

Two råskog where I have my mixedmedia products what I use often.

This is the view from my craftplace.

My inks...

Here I have my flowers.

Thanks for stopping bye.


3 kommentarer:

  1. As you nicely in the room !!!

  2. Gorgeoys craftroom, not small to me... :)

  3. Wonderful, need to show my dh this *blink* We should rearrange