onsdag 4 oktober 2017

Mechanical Explosion- Mixed Media and Art- Creative Art

Mechanical Explosion 

Use only one Metal element - no scrap  material
in the project you should have only one element metal not from the scrap store (for example part of the tool, lock, watch, but from the real materials). except for this can be any materials and in any quantity. You can add other metal elements, just one of them will not be from the scrap store All the rest in any materials and in any form.

and one more obligatory element  is the Wings 

"Create Art"
I love these kind of projects.
I have used two soda cans on my mixedmedia board.

I have used shears for sheetmetals to cut the shape of my wings.  To receive the pattern on the metal I have used a embossingfolder in my bigshot.
Have also used some wire around a brush.  Painted with gesso around and on that some embossingpowder.

I have also used the embossed sheets in the background with a different embossingfolder.

Clusters with screws and beads in mix, painted with gesso and on the top some wax. Also some rust here and there.

Have made a processingvideo for you. so you can see how I did.

Now, I am waiting to see your project. So go on and think outside the box.

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