söndag 10 september 2017

Asia - challenge ITAC 17

I am so late creating for the challenge at AAL- AND - CREATE.
This time its about Asia.

· Motifs inspired by mandalas
· Geometric shapes
· Tiles - ceramic, pantiles, glazed tiles, or their designs...
· Asiatic flowers, such as cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, orchids, lotus, Frangipani, lilies, hibiscus etc..
· Calligraphy or handwriting
· Fabric, faded or dyed
· Powdered pigments

I have made a canvas set.

I have some geometric shapes, I have made some soft stamping with Aal and Creates stamps. Also made some own made tiles, that I have painted and deocrated.

Fabric, silk that is dyied and wrinkled, The silk goes all over the canvases.

Also some flowers from Asia.

I was got inspired from the lovely photo with the colors.

I have tried to give my canvases a powdered look.

see you Katja

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