måndag 11 september 2017

ITAC17- Challenge 3

This is about Oceania.
Patterns inspired by traditional symbols (Maori tattoos, Dots/dashes of aboriginal Arts…)
Think Monochromatic black and white or think colors of the Earth.
Some sort of organic or natural material(s) (earth, stone, bone, bark, wood, fibres…)
Shapes inspired by traditional or indigenous art.

I have made two woodentags. I loved this challenge, so fun to make.

Tags are wooden and there is also some chipboard. I have been stamping with AAL & Creates lovley stamps on paperclay.

On that some colors Artisan Powder and wax from Prima and also some color from 13arts.

Also some bark and own designed embellishment made with paperclay.

See you! Katja

1 kommentar:

  1. Amazing texture on your tags! I love the earth tones as well. Such a beautiful set of tags.